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Welcome to the second international conference "Granites and Earth's evolution"


Presence of continental crust with wide distribution of granitoids is the unique feature that discriminate Earth from other planets in Solar System. Granitic rocks are the subjects of permanent attention of geologists already for several centuries. Over this time opinions about nature and formation conditions of these rocks have passed a long way from discussion about their magmatic or sedimentary genesis via ideas about formation of felsic magmas exclusively by differentiation of mafic melts and to acceptance the crustal nature for most of granitoids.

Though evident progress in understanding of forming conditions for granitoids of different composition and their role in forming of ore deposits the interest in these rocks not slacken. Great number of publications in leading journals and existence of important international standing conferences such as Hutton Symposium indicate this. The 1st International Conference "Granites and Earth's Evolution" held in 2008 in Ulan-Ude (Buryatia, Russia) and devoted just to problems of geodynamic nature and ore potential of granitoid batholites.

At the same time problems of granitoid genesis closely related with problems of continental crust forming and evolution. Interest in this relation arose about half a century ago and there is "explosive" increase of publications in last 20 years about sources and mechanism of forming, transformation and evolution of continental crust of cratons and folded belts. Specifically it has ascertained that sources and mechanisms of continental crust forming (primarily proportion between ancient and juvenile material) are sharply differ in diverse segments of Earth's crust; and these differences reflect in granitoid composition.

The aim of 2-nd International Conference "Granites and Earth's Evolution" is to join leading scientists specializing in solving of problems of granitoid petrology and formation and evolution of continental crust. At the same time more themes about sources and mechanisms of granitoid formation, conditions of intrusion and consolidation of granite bodies, geodynamic environments of granitoid magmatism and others are planned to discuss on Conference.

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Sources for granitoid magmas of various geochemical types

Geochemistry of granitoids versus characteristics of host rocks

Granitoid magmatism and continental crustal growth within large lithospheric blocks

Mantle-crust interaction and role of mantle material/heating in granite generation

Syntectonic granitoid magmatism

Granitoids of Large Igneous Provinces: composition, sources and mechanisms of magma generation

Mineralization potential of granitoids and sources of ore material